We are scheduled to serve lunch to the veterans residing at Camp Hope, their families and other visitors on Sunday November 6th.  Camp Hope is near the West Belt at 290 here in Houston and serves veterans dealing with PTSD.  If you want more information on Camp Hope their website is:




We will probably be serving grilled steaks, some grilled chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs.  That is about as far as the planning has gotten and the date is pretty far out, but I wanted to schedule something for when we should be able to count on some cooler weather.  We won’t need a large group of volunteers because we probably will be serving only around 100 meals, which is definitely on the low side for what we normally do.  If anyone has contacts or wants to take charge now of the following please let me know:


  1. We will be looking for a source for good steaks at a good price.  It is probably best to serve a boneless cut like New York strips.  
  1. If anyone wants to take charge of dessert it’s all yours.  They have a commercial grade kitchen at Camp Hope so we could serve something like, say, warm cobbler and ice cream.  Just sayin…  Last time we tried this we absolutely could not find any frozen cobbler anywhere so hopefully that has been fixed. 
  1. If anyone wants to bring breakfast for the volunteers that is always appreciated.  My guess is that we will get started around 10:00 or earlier for noon food service.


In case you were wondering, we are currently unable to schedule any events at VA facilities due to Covid restrictions.  I don’t know if that is going to change anytime soon and I sure miss going out to DeBakey and the Temple VA campuses.  Other than Camp Hope, DeGeorge at Union Station, and Midtown Terrace, I am not aware of any other local facilities serving veterans (or primarily veterans) who are in need of assistance.  If anyone has some other thoughts here please let me know.


If you are able, please save the date.  I’ll be back in touch closer to the date.


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