A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out or otherwise supported the tailgate at DeBakey last Saturday.  I TOLD you that the 1st Cavalry Division Lone Star Brass Band from Fort Hood was awesome!  The VA told me they are going to put in a request now for them to come back next year (October 3, 2020 if you want to mark that down).  The weather was a little warm but I thought everything went off very well.  I thought the meal tickets might slow down food service or maybe leave us with a lot of leftover food but neither of those happened.  In fact that may have been the quickest food service ever.  I think we go with the meal ticket idea next year.  The food line seemed to surge from the steaks, to the brisket and sausage, to fajitas, to pork loin, to the burgers and hot dogs in that order as each group ran out of food.  The only food left over were a few hamburgers and hot dogs.  And every single one of our 144 caps disappeared so we will get some more ordered.  Dan will recap our finances – if you have any receipts to get reimbursed send those to me or Dan and be sure your name is on it.

 The only other event on the calendar at present is our road trip to the Temple VA campus on the first Saturday in May – May 2, 2020.  I am sure we will do an event or two in Houston before then, but nothing has been scheduled yet.


Thank you for all you do for TGWAH!


Ralph Wissel