Watch this page for more details as the event time draws near.

Michael E. DeBakey VA Campus

October 6, 2018 – The 10th Annual TGWAH at the DeBakey VA campus. 


ONE WEEK TO GO!  We will need to serve a total of about 1,000 meals with about 540 of those meals going into the hospital starting at 10:30 am.

Can you each cook a total of 250 meals with 135 of those going into the hospital? EXCEPT – Jorge can you cook 135 chicken fajita meals to be sent into the hospital and then cook burgers and dogs after for outside food service?

This would make equal numbers of meals each going into the hospital and simplify the meal distribution. Here is a recap of what I have as the menus:

• Band of Brothers / St. Tim’s Anglican / Martin Bayang – BBQ ribs and sausage with potato salad and beans

• Just Us Guys / Mission Bend United Methodist / Ray Condron – Carnitas fajitas and maybe some chicken fajitas too

• Mark Morales / Texans Tailgate Response Unit – Steaks, are you also doing the twice baked potato casserole?

• Costello Inc. / Jorge DeLaRosa – Chicken fajitas, and then hamburgers and hot dogs for outside food

Goya Foods is again donating enough beans for all 1,000 meals! This is very generous of them and I should be getting those beans next week if you want them in advance of Saturday. If not, we will bring them to DeBakey. Goya is also providing Sazon seasoning for your use on the meats. We will also be bringing clamshells for serving all of the meals and picnic packs. We can reimburse for food, charcoal and paper products but please do not ask for reimbursement for cooking equipment (things like cutting boards, utensils, hot gloves, knives). Please let me and/or Ben know what else you may need for us to get for you. I’m assuming we will be making a run to Restaurant Depot next week.

Let me know what time you want to get started next Saturday on site. We will be in the same parking lot – the volunteer lot on the south side of the main hospital building.

I don’t know that anyone will be checking, but there should be a person at each cooking team with a food handlers certificate. There also should be a fire extinguisher by each grill.

Thank you for volunteering to work this tailgate. We only have four cooking teams this year so we need all of you out there. Thank you!