Update 12/7/2021 - see more event details Below

We are on for the tailgate at Midtown this Saturday.  Here are a few updates:


  1. Briskets are in the process of being purchased, trimmed and seasoned for Mr. Devin Bily to smoke for us basically all day this Friday.  I will try to send out a picture of his size XXXL smoker this Friday after I drop off the briskets.  Devin has a connection to The Backyard Grill in Cypress so please be sure to support them.  Thank you again Devin!


  1. Midtown has a mask requirement for anyone entering their building (hint: that is where the bathrooms are).  You don’t have to wear a mask outside where we will be cooking and serving the meals, but please keep that in mind if you go inside to help serve dessert or use the facilities.  We will have some single use masks available down there.


  1. Mr. Dan Wingerson has volunteered to be co-gopher with Bill Schwartz so that is covered.


  1. Ms. Seleste Esparza has volunteered to bring breakfast around 9:00 am so don’t be late!


  1. My oldest daughtered has recruited several of her classmates at the local UT Tyler engineering program to come out so that should help a lot.  We can use their nimble minds and strong backs.


  1. The weather forecast is looking a little bit iffy for Saturday morning, but it’s too soon to know for sure what that will do.  There are some covered areas at Midtown adjacent to their dining room we can make use of, and please bring your pop ups.  We can work through the weather if it rains.  If anyone can take charge of the weather please do.


  1. It’s been a while since we have done this so please bring camp chairs, folding tables, pop-ups and be sure to put your name on everything.  And don’t forget to bring a good attitude.


  1. Please be on-site by 10:00 am this Saturday and wear your favorite team gear!  And be sure to get your TGWAH cap if you don’t have one or if you need a new one.



 Things are starting to take shape for the tailgate at Midtown Terrace on Saturday December 11th.   It looks like we will have three cooking groups serving lunch meals of brisket and sausage, grilled chicken thighs, and chicken fajitas.  The plan is to serve a total of about 550 meals to the residents and staff at Midtown and maybe ourselves too if we have enough food.  Mr. Devin Biley with The Backyard Grill in Cypress has again volunteered to smoke the briskets in advance – thank you Devin!  We may have an engineering society take care of beverage service – waiting to hear back on that.

 The are plenty of volunteer “opportunities” left so we hope you can make it out to Midtown.  If you are able to join us please let me hear from you and please be on site by 10:00 am that morning.  Anybody want to take over dessert?

 Other events - we are planning to take a tailgate party out to the residents and staff at Camp Hope on Super Bowl Sunday – that is February 13, 2022.  We are also trying to organize a TGWAH salute to all first responders on Galveston Island in April – no firm date set yet.

 More to follow – let me know if you can join us at Midtown!

 Ralph Wissel

Midtown Terrace is a US Vets operated facility located at 4640 Main Street, Houston TX 77002.

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