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DeGeorge at Union Station

We are ready to start planning DeTailgate at DeGeorge on Saturday February 3rd. We will be serving a grilled steak and baked potato lunch to the 100 residents at DeGeorge, plus providing a hot meal for anyone in need who walks up. We have usually had at least 100 people walk up from the street for a meal on previous trips to DeGeorge. The Band of Brothers from St. Timothy’s Anglican in Spring are once again carrying the load with grilling help from Mr. Jorge DeLaRosa, but we have several “opportunities” available:

1. We need someone to take charge of dessert – whatever you want to do is fine, but they love cobbler and ice cream down there. Cobbler heated up at home will stay hot in an ice chest for a looooong time. Just sayin.

2. We need someone to make a big big pot of chili for the walk-ups. I’m thinking we serve hot dogs/chili dogs/Frito pies outside.

Saturday February 3, 2018 – We are planning to provide a grilled steak and baked potato lunch for the 100 residents at DeGeorge at Union Station. This is the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday. DeGeorge is literally in the shadow of Minute Maid Park downtown where the World Champion Houston Astros play! We will also feed anyone who walks up (probably chili and/or hot dogs), which on previous trips to DeGeorge has been quite a few people. More on this to follow after the first of the year – there are “opportunities” available for this one. And we still hope to schedule something at Midtown Terrace next year.

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