2/13/2022 Super Bowl Sunday at Camp Hope



Please be on site by noon.  We are planning to start food service at 1:00.  Camp Hope is located at:

9724 Derrington Road

                                           Houston, TX  77064

Things are really coming together for the Tailgate at Camp Hope on Super Bowl Sunday.  I have some updates and some great news:


  1. Our friends at Goya Foods of Texas, Mr. Rene Esparza and Mr. Alex Garcia, along with their friends at Food Town have arranged for us to buy 110 New York strip steaks at a deep discount.  These are 14 ounce Angus Choice Exclusive Cut - the most expensive cut and a really big steak.  There is no way we would be able to afford to buy a cut of this size or quality without their help.  Thank you Rene, Alex, Goya Foods and Food Town!


  1. Additionally, Goya Foods has volunteered to donate all beans needed for the event, as well as their Adobo seasoning for the steaks.  Goya has been strong supporter of TGWAH for many years, as well as a strong supporter of all military veterans.  Rene if you could send me a picture of that awesome monument by the flagpole at your facility (it’s a lot more than an office building) I will send it out to the group.


  1. Ms. Jennifer Peck has volunteered to head up dessert service along with her two daughters.  Jennifer is planning dessert and arranging to get the cobbler and ice cream.  I am sure they could use some help on-site on February 13th.  Jennifer is new to TGWAH and has jumped in with both feet.  Thank you Jennifer!


  1. It looks like we will have a good turnout of volunteers for Camp Hope so we should be able to provide a great lunch for the residents at Camp Hope if we will all turn out.  Think good weather!


  1. Camp Hope has a mask policy for visitors unless they are eating or drinking.  Please bring a mask – I don’t know if it is required when outdoors where most or all of our work will be done.


  1. We will be using the large grill/smoker at Camp Hope so Ray doesn’t have to haul the cooking trailer up from Galveston.  That grill is size XXXL and is right outside of the building where the vet’s will be eating.  There is some parking by the building which is about midway into their property (there is only one way in and one driveway down the middle of the property).  Look for the BBQ smoke and you can find us.  You may need to park up near the entry and walk down. 


Camp Hope - Learn more by clicking HERE