After much deliberation and soul searching, we have decided to cancel the tailgate at DeBakey scheduled for October 7, 2017. This was not an easy decision or one that was made quickly. In light of the devastation brought to the Houston area by Hurricane Harvey, we feel it is best to keep volunteer efforts focused on helping our many neighbors who are still suffering from the effects of Harvey. I know that many of you on this email are involved in helping repair the damage from Harvey, and at least a few of you have been severely impacted by the storm yourselves. We may try to reschedule something at DeBakey, but nothing has been set at this point. If nothing else, we plan to return to DeBakey on the first Saturday in October next year.

If anyone knows of a veteran/veterans who have been impacted by the storm and are still in need of help, let me know. We have some funding and we could try to organize a work day to help specific veterans in need. We also might be able to cook on-site for volunteers repairing flood damaged homes.

Hopefully life will return to normal for everyone affected by Harvey soon. Let me hear from you if you know of a veteran still needing help from the flood, or if you know of volunteers helping with flood relief that we could feed.

Ralph Wissel