Ralph - on behalf of all our residents and staff, I just want to say thank you for the wonderful steak dinner prepared and served by your dedicated group of volunteers. Despite the rain/cold weather, the volunteers never missed a beat and served a hot delicious meal to everyone; despite their wet clothes and cold hands, their hearts were warm and they all had a cheerful attitude. Thank you for remembering us and for all you do for so many in need. Your support means a lot to those during this difficult time of their lives. Bless you all and we look forward to having you back again next year. 

Lynda L. Greene, Community Director

De George at Union Station



A very big thank you to those of you who came out in the cold and (on and off) rain at De George yesterday. We had a very strong number of volunteers which made it easier on everybody – I didn’t make a head count but I would say at least 25 of us were there. There were quite a few of us TGWAH old timers, along with students from the UH Medical Students Association, Houston Sunrise Kiwanis, quite a few of my co-workers from Costello, Inc., and quite a few members of Mission Bend United Methodist Church plus a few friends of those present and others who have been a part of previous tailgates. Hopefully that covers everyone who was there. Thank you again for braving the elements and staying through the rain. The food received rave reviews including dessert baked by Jacque Conner – yes she baked all that stuff. I would like to make a special shout-out to Mr. Tailgate himself, Ray Condron, who spent the better part of three days getting stuff together, making an inventory of what we already had, arranging for and getting the steaks, hauling the cooking trailer down there and back, cooking, etc. Maybe we should call him Johnny Tailgate.

We didn’t get nearly as many people walk up as we have in the past at De George, probably due to the weather, but we had a steady stream of people come by for a meal. We had about 30 or so hot dogs left over (out of 200) which were taken (along with some dessert) to San Jacinto Apartments from the De George, another facility serving veterans in need.

If you were not at De George yesterday, or even if you were, you have one more chance to be a part of this season’s tailgating: Saturday March 29th at Midtown Terrace. Midtown Terrace is located at 4640 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002. This is right at US 59 and Main Street near the museums. Mr. Roger Douglas and his crew from Navasota are scheduled to join us and that is about as far as the planning has progressed. We’ll start working on that one now. Midtown Terrace is a US Vets facility which provides housing to veterans escaping homelessness. I believe they house at least 500 residents and this will be our third trip down there.

Thank you again and pencil us in for March 29th!

Ralph N. Wissel