TGWAH will host a Super Bowl party at The Domiciliary on February 3rd. The Dom is a VA facility similar to DeGeorge that is very close to the DeBakey VA campus at the corner of Fannin and OST. The Dom serves about 40 veterans at a time and is a transitional housing facility whose mission is to get homeless veterans into stable housing, and to assist them with life skills. Here is a link if you want to find out more about The Dom:

Tailgate Crew,

We have 6 team members signed up for The Dom on February 3rd - we can handle it!  Especially since Ray is coming!  I think the consensus is to cook on-site.  I like that idea to try to make the whole thing a bit of an event for the guys down there.  Here are my suggestions to serve 60 meals:

- Dan brings the water bottles and ice since the water is already at his house.  Dan - do you need a big cooler?  I can provide one or more.

- Ray (or I) will contact Kroger to see if they will cut us a deal on 60 pounds of boneless sirloin (or a similar cut - I think we should avoid buying and dealing with bones)

- We each purchase, bake and bring 10 decent sized baked potatoes.  My thought is that we will not cut these in half to make 2 servings - each potato would be one serving, 6 of us, you do the math.

- Ben would you take on the beans (and maybe purchase calculations again)? Whether your secret family recipe for the cheesy green beans or just Ranch style beans - either one is fine.  I can ask if we can use their kitchen to warm them.

- Someone volunteers to take on dessert.  A super bowl cake and ice cream?  Hot cobbler and ice cream?  Just ice cream?  (see any pattern here?)  Anyone, anyone…

- A couple of us will need to make a run to Restaurant Depot for butter, cheese, bacon bits, beans….  I guess we could get the potatoes there for that matter and I guess we could go the Saturday morning before.

Let me know what you think.  We can finalize plans by early the week of the partay.

Thank you for volunteering once again!  Only two more tailgates and then we are done till the new season - unless Roger needs help up his way with a tailgate.

Ralph N. Wissel