Here’s the wrap on last Saturday’s Tailgate for the Gathering of Eagles’ Korean War Remembrance – the Band of Brothers from Saint Timothy’s Anglican Church in Spring really knocked this one out! They did almost everything including preparing around 250 (maybe more?) beef and chicken fajita meals including Spanish rice and refried beans made from scratch. They brought their big grill and trailer and worked through the rain. The rain was pretty light most of the time and kept the temperature down so it was bearable once we got the pop-ups set up right. Thanks guys! This would not have happened without you! We had a lot of our regulars out with graduations so the BOB’s really stepped up – see attached picture.

Also a shout out to my co-workers - Ms. Jacque Conner who got and brought all the dessert, and Mr. Jorge DeLaRosa who hauled the pop-ups, tables and water bottles.

It seemed to me we had just the right amount of food. I don’t think we ran out until everyone had at least one plate. The beef fajita I had was excellent. If you have any receipts for reimbursement please get them to me or Dan Wingerson as soon as possible. We spent about $713 at Restaurant Depot plus we bought water bottles and extra charcoal Saturday morning so I think we spent in the neighborhood of $800 – don’t have a final tally yet. That would be about $3.20 per meal if we served 250 meals which fits with our normal costs.

Ralph Wissel