Galveston Island First Responders - April 30, 2022

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The first ever tailgate on Galveston Island and the first ever tailgate for first responders last Saturday went well.  We would like to have had more first responders and more people present, but if we do this again on the island (OTI) we will work on that.  Once the word got out to local residents and businesses on what we were doing, the response was overwhelming.  Here are some wrap up comments and info:


  1. It’s hard to say exactly how many meals we served.  We plated and served around 200 meals at the park for first responders and others, but we also sent several pans of food off to some fire stations OTI on Saturday, and then I took about five gallons of zip-locks of sausage to the Jamaica Beach Fire Station and put it in their freezer on Sunday.  There was about a pan and a half of brisket plus sausage and some hamburgers left that Ray took to his church in Jamaica Beach the next day – see next item below.